Case Study + Adobe Analytics & Target Implementation


Adobe Analytics Implementation

Adobe Analytics works by separating the data flow into rich streams that enable businesses to identify high-value segments across all marketing channels. It can be an elegant solution to complex problems, but its architecture is equally complex, requiring not only advanced technical knowledge but real-world experience in its application. Stacked Analytics has both, and we provide a suite of customized approaches to harness Adobe’s intelligence.

IMPORTANT: Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics works by separating the data flow into rich streams that enable businesses to identify high-value segments across all marketing channels. It can be an elegant solution to complex problems, but its architecture is equally complex, requiring not only advanced technical knowledge but real-world experience in its application. Stacked Analytics has both, and we provide a suite of customized approaches to harness Adobe’s intelligence.

Here are some other aspects that allow us to earn trust:

  • We have Adobe certified developers and architects.

  • We even have Adobe Analytics Champions as a part of the Stacked team.

  • This same team was apart of becoming North America's first Adobe Analytics Specialized partner.

  • We also have direct access to sales and product orgs which has helped our customers innumerable times in terms of roadmap, tool understanding, and solving problems.

So when it comes to having the needed Adobe experience - Stacked Analytics will have you covered and confident.

How to Navigate the Deal to Win.

Adobe Software Licensing

This is your expertise and we are here to help! Obviously there is no implementation unless you close the licensing part of the deal...we are well versed in partnering with Adobe AE's to support this process. We often provide value through:

  • Demo support

  • Discovery sessions

  • Supplying critical insights to push your deal over the line by understanding the market competition and specific use cases that will set Adobe up for the win.

We understand the sensitive nature of your deal dynamics and client interactions. And we have a process to promote a seamless customer experience from licensing through implementation. We have found that the  sooner we engage the better as we can actually give you insight into the buyer persona and industry vertical that can help set you up for success and a smooth close.

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Strategy Matters

This is where an objective 3rd party can be the difference maker in your deal.

How: A clients main hesitation towards technology investments has to do with value realization. Some might call it ROI, but it has been our experience it is not so much about the ROI as it is how this technolgy will enhance, equip, and improve the daily operations of the team using the tool. This is where experts in this space can be a life saver and really add the value you need to close your next deal and help your client.

There is a lot that goes into this process and when the same team selling the technology is also communicating the value realization in a silo it makes it hard to ensure you win. Staked Analytics has the team to ensure you are fully prepared and we have led large scale digital transformation projects leveraging the entire Adobe tech stack. We focus in Adobe Analytics, but we understand the entire customer journey and how it interacts with all of Adobe products.

When to connect with Implementation Partner

Choosing an implementation partner is a key step and there are multiple approaches. As an Adobe Analytics and Target seller you already know that the client has two types of investments to make when considering Adobe as their technology partner.

  • The first investment is the license terms and conditions (which you are the expert in handling)

  • The second investment is the implementation needed to leverage the tool and ensure high adoption and overall utilization. This is necessary to build the  environment and momentum for customers to expand their  Adobe technology footprint as well as creating a great customer experience.

    We want you to win and we offer decades of Adobe winning experience! We recommend talking through your deal  as soon as possible so we can help you close the licensing with industry specific expertise and provide a clear understanding of the investment the client will need in the implementation phase. All of this will give you an advantage in closing more deals.

Pricing Options

We have a very transparent and customizable pricing approach for both Adobe Analytics and Target. There are three implementation layers to consider. Naturally, discussing your client’s contextual needs and verifying which option is best suited will give you the most reliable information to support the overall approach. We will provide high level clarity on the topics below:

Adobe Analytics Implementations

  1. Basic Implementation: basic tracking that covers site traffic, behavior, navigation and usage.

  2. Basic + eCommerce Implementation: All of Basic + data for product lists, details, carts, checkouts and conversions.

  3. Advance Implementation: customizations and advanced use cases that are not covered by options 1 or 2.

Target Optional add-ons:

  1. Target implementation for A/B testing, personalization and optimization. Integrated with Adobe Analytics to allow for segment sharing and target activities analysis in Analytics.

  2. Target Recommendations to enable automated product recommendations with a product catalog based on likelihood to purchase, purchased bought together, upsells and cross-sells.

Click Here to set up a call on understanding actual budgets needed to win.

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Case Study: Adobe + Stacked Analytics = Blueprint Success!

Adobe + Stacked = Blueprint Success!

The Client:

Blueprint Test Preparation, LLC - Blueprint is the premier LSAT test preparation provider in the U.S., offering in-person and asynchronous online courses, private tutoring, self-study materials and application consulting services. Blueprint’s live classroom instruction is offered in 25+ locations in eight states around the country. 

Key Stakeholders:

Innovative with growth on the mind. The client has the goals of acquiring more companies and as their ecosystem gets more and more complex the need to better measure and understand visitor acquisition, content effectiveness, and conversion rates on the site(s) are critical.

The Client Solution:

  • The implementation of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target enabled Blueprint Test Prep to gain deep insights into customer behavior, leading to improved marketing strategies and targeted content delivery.

  • The Event-Driven Data Layer ensured accurate and real-time data capture, enhancing the reliability of the insights.

  • The project was delivered within a short time frame, showcasing the team's efficiency and expertise.

  • The support service provided by the team was excellent, addressing any issues promptly and offering valuable guidance.


By implementing Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target using Adobe Tags, the Web SDK, and an Event Driven Data Layer, Blueprint Test Prep successfully enhanced its website insights. The project was delivered with high standards and great support service, enabling the company to make data-driven decisions and improve the overall customer experience.

5 Details that Matter:

  1. Blueprint had a restrictive budget both for licensing and implementation

  2. Blueprint has a strong potential for growth and expansion with Adobe, but also needed a trusted consultant to implement and advise under restrictive conditions.

  3. Blueprint also needed an implementation that was future focused and nimble to meet the needs of the business.

  4. The Adobe account executive needed to recommend a partner that could deliver under less than ideal conditions.

  5. The Adobe account executive needed a partner with a history of success and senior leaders that offer expert level proficiency on Adobe Analytics and Target as well as a thorough understanding of the Adobe ecosystem.

What our clients are saying...

“Partnering with Stacked Analytics has been an incredibly productive and, even, fun experience. They understood our goals and quickly picked up on the nuance and uniqueness of our business rather than treating us like a cookie cutter project. They helped us build a strategy and, without missing a beat, elegantly implemented a dynamic machine learning powered content system. They are kind, smart, take the time to get to know us as people, and, bluntly, they really know their shit.”

- Jason Tabeling, CEO, AirTank

“Our new Customer Experience Director is floored by the new metrics. He is super excited to see agency efficiency metrics and can now categorize questions that come in to identify trends, some of which can be corrected, ultimately reducing impact to the customer experience team going forward. By asking our returns portal to do XYZ, we can reduce these types of questions by changing our internal processes. This is a total game changer.”

– Daniel Upton, CTO, Honeylove

“Stacked provides the expertise and bandwidth we’ve needed to grow our team and our client relationships with confidence in the Data Science and Engineering realm. They always happy to share his knowledge and elevate the capability of our offering, and improve our processes through innovative approaches and intelligent tooling. Their demeanor of respectful and focussed curiosity is one we welcome and admire. We couldn’t provide the speed and clarity we do without Stacked.”

– Group Analytics Director, Volvo

“Sorry for interrupting your presentation but do you have a form or feedback or something where I can share how awesome you are? You went above and beyond, and everyone needs to know.”

- Analytics Leader at Medical Supply Company

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A data set is more than a collection of numbers. It’s behavior. It’s people. It’s your story. It’s ours, too. We have data sets. Eight of them. We call them our team. A group of analytics pros who have come together to make your data meaningful. Because the stack is greater than the sum of its parts.

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